Once you’ve invested in a heated driveway or other snow melting system, you can enjoy the convenience of snow free access to your home or business. We want you to get the most out of your Warmquest system, so we’ve put together some tips for efficient operation.

Activate Your System at the First Sign of Snow
Snow melting works best when the white stuff is never allowed to accumulate. We recommend turning your system on at the beginning of a storm, or even a short time before. Experiment with different times to find the best results for your system. The surface requires time to warm up and if you can get things warm before snow accumulates the system should keep up nicely.

Consider Automated Activation
You are not always around when the snow starts falling. To make sure your system works great even when you are sleeping or away, install an automated sensor. These sensors activate the system when they sense moisture and the temperature falls below a predetermined level. The sensors then run the system until the storm passes, and can be set to run for a time afterward to ensure the snow has melted completely.

Another option for controlling your system is a WiFi activator. Our team can help you integrate WiFi into your system, allowing for manual control when off site.

Things to Consider
Snow melting systems require time to heat up the surface area. Some owners choose to preload the slab with heat, activating the system an hour or two in advance of a storm. Electric radiant heat boasts a fast response time so this is often unnecessary.

Data from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers shows that wet snow takes longer to melt. One of the downsides to turning your system on after significant snow has accumulated is that the bottom layer of snow melts, introducing more moisture to the remaining snow and requiring more time to clear the surface completely. Add to this the fact that snow is an insulator, and many individuals find their system seems less effective after snow has accumulated.

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