snow-loadSummer may be in full swing, but winter is coming, and signs are ramping up that it is going to be a wild one. An El Nino event has been underway in the Pacific Ocean, and weather experts are wary about what this will bring come wintertime.

El Nino occurs when the temperature of the Pacific warms above average for a lengthened period of time. It recurs cyclically, usually every 2-7 years. El Nino currents are tied to a variety of weather happenings. Typically, these weather patterns bring above average precipitation to many areas of North America, especially in the Southwest.

Media coverage of El Nino events often focuses on the rain received in lower elevations, however higher elevations can also expect to see significant snowfall. Past events have seen Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and California see significant snowfall. Each El Nino varies in its impact, some have contributed to increased snowfall along the East Coast.

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