zmesh-under-wood“What type of floor covering can I use with radiant heat?” This is a fairly common question and in most cases, it is the wrong question. At Warmquest, we don’t believe that your flooring choice should be limited by your radiant heating system.

The right question should be, “what type of flooring do I want?” Warmquest encourages homeowners to consider their flooring preference when selecting a radiant heating system. In fact, one of the perks to low voltage radiant heating is the ability to tie different heating elements together into a single system.

With the variety of heating options available, Warmquest is able to heat just about any floor covering effectively and efficiently. Our low voltage ZMesh is particularly unique as it easily heats hardwood, engineered wood, laminate and carpeted surfaces. Our assorted cables and mats are perfect for heating tile, stone, concrete and other surfaces.

The Warmquest team can work with you and the stakeholders on your project to design a radiant heating system that meets your needs. This includes your preferred flooring types. Using the precision control granted by electrical systems, combined with the latest in sensors and thermostat technology, a Warmquest system can bring comfort and luxury to your home while embracing and enhancing your flooring preferences.