ZMesh-with-wood-floorsRadiant heat can create some cozy spaces for friends and family, but also for your four-legged friends. From indoor spaces to outdoor enclosures, we thought we’d take a look at how radiant heat can benefit your family pet.

Outdoor Spaces: Over the years, we have worked on several outdoor pet enclosures. A common application is to installed snow melting cables in concrete or asphalt. In addition to keeping a dog run snow free, these heating cables warm up the surface, providing a more comfortable place for the dog to lay year round.

Interior Heat: Heated floors are great for walking around barefoot and playing with kids on the floor, but they also are comfortable for the family pet. Many of our customers have shared stories with us about cats and dogs curling up on their heated floors whenever they are running.

For Cold Blooded Animals: Occasionally, we are called upon to provide a unique solution for a project. These memorable examples may not be useful in your home, but just in case you are keeping a large reptile in your backyard we thought we’d share.

When a zoo needed a heat source for their reptile exhibits, they turned to our team. A Floorizwarm cable system was designed for installation inside the rocks in the exhibit.

A facility that handled alligators came to us when they needed to keep their alligator breeding pond at a specific temperature. The Tuff Cable system provided by Warmquest allowed for precision control over the pond’s temperature.

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