heated sidwalkWarmquest carries two different free-flowing cable systems for snow melting applications. Why cables instead of pre-sized snow melting mats that can be rolled out over an area? Let’s take a look at the benefits of Tuff Cable and Hott-Wire.

Systems Designed Based on ASHRAE Data

The biggest reason for using free-flowing cables versus a pre-sized mat is that the spacing of the cables can be varied. By shifting cable spacing to be closer together or further apart, we can adjust the wattage output by the system.

This is important for efficiency. Each snow melting system Warmquest supplies is designed to ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standards. Our team of experts take ASHRAE data on snow melting in the geographical area of your project, and design the system to provide the correct amount of heat to effectively melt snow.

This data is also important for effectiveness. It ensures that the system will get the job done and avoids the costs of generating excess heat. With a one size fits all solution like a pre-sized mat, you run the risk of not having enough heat or paying for heat you don’t need.

Flexible Layout

Free-flowing cables like Hott-Wire and Tuff Cable are often simpler to install than mat systems. When working in tricky spaces, around obstacles, or in tight corners, the flexibility of these cables allows you to install the system without the hassle of altering the mat.

Cut to Length and Sized to Area

In the case of our low voltage Tuff Cable, systems are cut to length in the field. This simplifies installation, allowing for last minute adjustments or unexpected obstacles. The ability to cut Tuff Cable to the exact length needed also removes the challenge of fitting an entire mat into an area that is either too large or small for a one sized fits all mat.

Heating Existing Surfaces

It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to retrofit a snow melting mat into an existing surface. Fortunately free-flowing cables can be installed via saw cut into existing asphalt and concrete. After saw cuts are made, the cables are inserted, covered with a backer rod, and sealed. This allows for all the benefits of a heated driveway or walkway without pouring a new surface.

For a tailor-made snow melting solution contact our team. Warmquest has been supplying, designing and installing these systems for nearly 20 years.