Winter has arrived in Utah, and our recent storms have given us a great chance to see some of our local projects in action. With heavy snowfall that broke many records, it was great to see clear driveways and sidewalks. Let’s take a look at some of the photos we were able to take.

This driveway is heated using our Hott-Wire product. The cables were installed in new pour concrete, and are activated by a snow sensor embedded in the pavement. This ensures the driveway runs throughout a snow storm, and can be programmed to run a bit longer to clear any drifting snow and dry things out to prevent ice build up. This is also handy for clearing those clumps of snow you see falling from the trees onto the otherwise clear driveway. heated-concrete-driveway


This condominium complex offers easy access to the neighboring ski resort, it helps that the majority of the sidewalks are heated. This system uses low voltage Tuff Cable embedded in new pour concrete. Due to the needs of the facility, the system is operated off of a manual switch. Heated-concrete-sidewalk


This project was installed last summer. The homeowner wanted easy access to the front door. This was accomplished with Hott-Wire cabled embedded in new concrete. The system is activated by a manual timer allowing the homeowner to turn the system on before or during a storm. Looking at the difference between the dry heated concrete leading to the door and the icy driveway which has been shoveled, I imagine the owner wishes they’d have heated the entire driveway. Heated-sidewalk


This steep driveway created a major safety hazard when it became snow covered. To ensure 24/7 access, Tuff Cable was retrofit via sawcut into the existing asphalt. The heated tire tracks allow safe access without the cost of heating the entire space. The system runs off of an aerial snow sensor to activate the heat whether the owner is home or not, making sure they can get up the driveway when they return home. retrofit-asphalt-tire-tracks


For more great examples of snow melting at work, visit our Houzz profile, or the snow melting section of our website.