We talk a lot about Heated Driveways here at Warmquest. It certainly is the dream of many homeowners to never plow or shovel again. But the convenience of a heated driveway is only one of the benefits. A snow melting system provides increased safety and protection from slip and fall accidents. Heated sidewalks, ramps, entryways, and parking lots provide protection both for those vulnerable to falling, and to those who would then be left financially liable.

So what else should you consider heating? Here’s a brief list that is in no way comprehensive (ask us about the time we heated alligator ponds).

Sidewalks and Entries
While pulling your car in and out of a clear driveway is convenient and necessary in many instances, home and business owners should consider heating portions of their sidewalks and entrances to provide ice free access.

Steps and Stairways
Outdoor steps offer a significant risk of fall related injuries. Consider embedding heating cables or placing portable heating mats to reduce the risk.

ADA Ramps
Ramps are another hazardous area for slip and fall incidents. ADA ramps are required to be kept clear of snow and ice, so why not heat them? Heating element installed in the ramp surface, combined with an automated sensor to activate the system at the first sign of snow will go a long way to providing safe access and simplifying maintenance.

Snow and ice can cause drains to back up, leading to icy spots in areas that may have been safe had proper drainage occurred. Encourage drainage by installing heating element in these areas to get things flowing and keep parking lots and walkways ice free.

For nearly 20 years, the Warmquest team has heated everything from sidewalks and driveways, to ski lifts and reptile rocks. Reach out to us for assistance with a customized heating solution for your unique project. Give us a call at 877-877-4724.