We are excited to announce the latest product offering by Warmquest. Our SnowMeltz snow melting mats provide an additional option for those looking to melt snow and ice on concrete, asphalt, or paver surfaces.

Each mat consists of a constant wattage heating cable laid out in a pre-spaced mat form. SnowMeltz mats are easily rolled out and installed, providing a DIY friendly solution for heated driveways, sidewalks, entryways, ramps and other key areas. These mats operate on 208V/240V/277V power and are available in 37 or 50 W/Sq. Ft. watt densities. Mats are available in a variety of lengths for covering various square footages.

SnowMeltz mats can be paired with any of our activation and sensor options to create an automated system to keep snow and ice at bay all winter long. The mats will also utilize our jumper system to provide added protection in concrete joints.

With the addition of SnowMeltz to our line of snow melting products, consumers will have a Good (SnowMeltz), Better (Hott-Wire), and Best (Tuff Cable) option for their snow melting projects. For pricing information and assistance in developing a customized solution for your snow melting needs, please contact our experts at 877-877-4724.